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❄️❄️ICE COLD!❄️❄️

Artic Air High Speed Mini Fan

Artic Air High Speed Mini Fan

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✔️ Powerful Wind Performance

✔️ Lasts 6+ hours on a single charge

✔️ Cools as low as 18℃

It's HOT outside!🔥🔥🔥 Are you melting in the scorching summer heat, desperately searching for a way to cool down? Traditional fans are bulky, inconvenient, and just don’t cut it. Our Artic Air High-Speed Mini-Fan is just what you need!


1. How do I charge the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan?

The fan can be charged using the included USB cable. Simply connect it to a power source such as a computer, power bank, or USB wall charger.

2. Is the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, its durable design and long battery life make it ideal for outdoor activities, including construction work and other outdoor jobs.

3. Can I take the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan on an airplane?

Yes, the compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your hand luggage, perfect for traveling.

Beat the Heat with Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan

Stay cool and comfortable wherever you go with the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan! Compact yet powerful, this high-performance mini fan is your perfect companion for battling the summer heat.

💪 Compact Design, Powerful Performance
The Arctic Air Mini Fan fits effortlessly into your bag, making it ideal for traveling,  vacations, concerts, outdoor activities, and on-the-go use.
❄️ Unmatched Cooling Power
With wind speeds of up to 6m/s, get a powerful blast of cool air and ice cooling technology to ensure you stay cool even in the most scorching heat.

🔋 Long-lasting Battery Life
Enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous cooling on a single charge, with adjustable wind power to customize your cooling experience.

👍 Perfect for Every Occasion
Travel: Summer vacation or a weekend getaway.
Outdoor Workers: Ideal for anyone who spends long hours outdoors, providing a quick cool-down during breaks.
Caregivers and Senior Citizens: Keep your loved ones comfortable and safe from heat-related discomforts.
Women Experiencing Hot Flashes: Find immediate relief from sudden hot flashes.
Office Use: Combat stuffy office environments, stay cool and focused.

Embrace the summer with confidence and comfort with the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan. Stay cool and refreshed no matter where you are!

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Meet the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan—your personal heat-busting hero!

This compact powerhouse delivers an icy blast wherever you go, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Perfect for outdoors, working, traveling, caregivers, seniors, hot flashes or stuffy offices. Say goodbye to sweat and discomfort. This mini-fan has you covered!

Powerful Cooling Performance!

With wind speeds up to 6m/s and ice cooling technology that brings temperatures down to 18℃, the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan ensures immediate and effective relief from the heat.

Portable and Long-Lasting

Compact size (6.04 in) and lightweight (approx 8 oz) design make it perfect for travel and outdoor use, while the 3600mAh battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous cooling on a single charge.

Customizable and Safe

Features 100 gears infinitely adjustable wind power for personalized comfort, a power display for convenience, and is made from BPA-free, skin-sensitive plastic with CE and RoHS certifications for safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know When the Battery Needs Recharged?

The fan features a power display that shows the remaining battery life, so you’ll know when it’s time to recharge.

How long does it take to fully charge the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan?

It takes approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge the fan using the included USB cable.

Is the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan noisy during operation?

No, the fan operates quietly, making it suitable for use in quiet environments like offices and bedrooms.

How do I clean the Arctic Air High Speed Mini Fan?

To clean the fan, gently wipe the exterior with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or submerging the fan in water. For the best performance, clean the fan blades periodically by removing the front grill and wiping them carefully.